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syntymäpäivä 06.07.2021


Songtsen harjoitukset

Songtsen ry:n harjoitusryhmä kokoontuu Elonpyörä ry:n tiloissa. Ryhmäharjoitukset ovat olleet tauolla covid-19 epidemian aikana. Paluu normaaliin tapahtuu todennäköisesti vuoden 2021 loppupuoliskollalue lisää


Welcome to Chanteloube

The Association du Centre d’Études de Chanteloube (A.C.E.C.), is the branch of Songtsen dedicated to the practice and study of Tibetan Buddhism.

Its principal activity is the organization of the traditional three-year retreat. These retreats, which normally last about 42 months, are designed to create a protective environment in which practitioners can concentrate on the essential features of the Buddhist path: study, reflection and meditation, presented according to the teachings of various lineages, but mainly that of the Nyingma tradition.